Cost of Divorce in Jacksonville Florida

The costs of divorce may have you rethinking your decision to split.  While it is true, divorce can be expensive it does not have to be.  If you are committed to divorcing and plan to save money by not hiring an experienced family law attorney, think again.  You may be creating a bigger financial problem than you think.  It is understandable in an economy where money is tight you may feel the need to cut costs wherever you can.  However, foregoing the family law attorney in a divorce proceeding, legal separation, support, or child custody matter is not a wise decision. 

                During a divorce, you may not be thinking clearly regarding your long-term financial health because of the emotional chaos of your split or simply in denial of the repercussions a divorce can have.  Once initiating a divorce it is not long before all you can think about is, “I just want it over,” or “I just don’t want to deal with it anymore.”  Overwhelmed, physically and emotionally drained is not the right frame of mind you should be planning your future well-being of yourself and of your children.  Although it is possible to get a divorce without an attorney, it is not advisable and can lead to financial disaster.  The costs of an experienced Florida family law attorney may seem like an additional expense at first.  However, on the contrary, an experienced attorney has your best interests in mind while working hard for your future emotional and financial health at a time when you are overwhelmed with the process.

                It may be wise to consider that costs do not end merely by initiating a divorce proceeding but include maintaining or opposing the proceeding.  Costs can be minimized with careful planning when the choice to divorce is mutual (uncontested divorce).  Even an uncontested divorce without the expertise of an attorney can be financially devastating without proper guidance.  Although ideal, an uncontested divorce is not always the case.  When one party is not ready to divorce for any number of reasons, they may still be in denial or morning the relationship, which can make it difficult to communicate.  In any event, no matter how difficult, communication is essential to minimizing the costs of a divorce.  In some cases, mediation can assist parties to communicate to work out the details.  Mediation is often the first step toward a positive outcome that both parties can live with.  In fact, Florida family law requires a mandatory mediation, which can eliminate the need to escalate the proceeding to a costly litigation.

                Although, uncontested divorce costs are minimized by agreement not all cases are settled at mediation or before trial.  The costs to maintain a proceeding to the final hearing can vary from case to case.  However, where a divorce proceeding escalates to litigation and attorneys on both sides engage in the adversarial process costs can become exponential.  Costs may range from attorney’s fees, court costs, expert witnesses, depositions, travel time and expenses, court reporters, documents and exhibits, bonds, and tax.  The list goes on, which can be overwhelming at a time when emotions are at its highest and your financial health is at stake.  You need an attorney that will work with you and understand your financial needs. 

                It is possible to navigate the Florida family law court system without an attorney but it is not advisable.  Without an attorney, you can make critical mistakes in paperwork, negotiating, and strategies that can cost you a great deal of financial stress, emotional whirlwinds, and including costing you parental time with your children.  At a time when emotions are high and the stakes are even higher the costs of an attorney far outweigh the greater detriment of going it alone.

                Our Jacksonville divorce attorney understands your emotional needs as well as your financial need to minimize the costs associated with divorce, separation, or custody matter.  Call our Jacksonville family law attorney to set up an informative meeting to get all the answers you need to make an informed decision, call The Law Firm of Garrett J. Strahl at 904-342-1050